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What to do in city Maribor?

Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world


Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, is the oldest growing sort on our planet of a noble grape vine that still bears grapes! With an age of over 400 years it is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest vine in the world.

Maribor is the center of Styria region and the second largest Slovenian city. It has a rich historical past. Old Town holds many attractions.


Mountain Pohorje


Pohorje is 1543 meters high natural oasis, with its vast forests and primeval forest Šumik, glades and pastures. Pohorje find pristine waters, waterfalls and peat bogs and lakes, the largest butterfly in Europe and other valuable species. Natural heritage attracts both nature lovers as well as good connoisseurs and experts. Come on Pohorje in all seasons - on foot, on skis, by bike, on horseback, ... Discover the beauty of untouched nature!


Casino Mond


In the event hall of the Mond Gaming and Entertainment Centre you can enjoy top concerts featuring renowned Slovenian and non-Slovenian stars.

Evenings in the Mond Casino offer magical surprises in red or black. Luck in games and luck in love may sometimes hold hands. 408 state-of-art slot machines, 27 gaming tables, attractive atmosphere, professional and attentive staff offer both excitement and joy while playing games of chances.


Tourist train Jurček and Dravska vila boat


City tourist train Jurček delights children as well as adults who want to get to know the city a little differently.
Take the tour on river Drava with boat Drava Villa!
Among the pleasant voyage by boat and the beautiful scenery on the banks of the Drava River and the city of Maribor your meal with desserts and enjoy great coffee in the ship's cafe / patisserie.

Shopping in the largest shopping center - Europark


Europark Maribor is the largest and most modern shopping mall in north-eastern Slovenia and one of the largest in the narrow central Europe. It offers quality and a select range of goods and services in one place, experience of purchases for the entire family, 120 carefully selected specialist shops, boutiques and restaurants on two floors, 2,600 free parking spaces, mostly covered, retail stores, such as Interspar, Peek & Cloppenburg, H & M, Zara, Hervis, Big Bang, Müller, Humanic, New Yorker, and many other recognized names with an attractive range of global brands under one roof.

City Ptuj and Terme Ptuj


Town Ptuj is the oldest town in Slovenia. Area of ​​the city was already inhabited in the Neolithic period, in ancient times from the military camp developed fortress Poetovio. Every year Ptuj hosts carnival called "kurentovanje" where competing masks from various places, including the home carnival mask "kurent", which is world-renowned specialty. Originally, the town of Ptuj (Ptuj) lies in the area of today's Terme Ptuj. Vacation in spa resort Terme Ptuj is a source of health and relaxation, but also a great opportunity spending active leisure time. It also offers biggest water slides in Slovenia. Thermal spa offers four outdoor pools (with waves and water slide) and six indoor pools with whirlpool and water jet massage and a waterslide and a sauna. Thermal Park includes indoor and outdoor baths 4200 m² of water surface with healing mineral water, twelve swimming pools with waves, slides and lazy river. Park is famous for its largest slide in Slovenia.

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