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About us

We believe in the power of positive thinking and that everything happens for a reason. We believe that this positive energy miraculously led us to Betnava hotel Maribor**** and secondly to Maribor INN hotel***+. All of us origin from different places, different professions, we all have different skills, abilities and point of views,  which, according to some strange coincidence combines us together and make us succesfull co-workers and friends.

Today we breathe with Maribor INN hotel***+ and Hotel Betnava****, just like the first day. We are happy for each reservation and are looking forward to every guest’s arrival. We firmly study the causes of each received criticism and tirelessly search for new ideas and opportunities, while we, still full of optimism, look into the future.

And just like in the beginning, we stand by our pronouncement:


Work hard, well and in the guest best interest

We strive to furfill these goals so that our story can become a story of success.

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